A Quick Guide to New Zealand Hotels: CPG Hotels

CPG Hotels is one of New Zealand's largest privately owned hotel groups. Their Collection currently has seven hotels in five cities in New Zealand including in the Auckland CBD and Auckland Greenlane, Newmarket, Wellington, Rotorua, Picton, and Dunedin. This gives you freedom to choose high-class hospitality services in the five cities. In fact, this is a competitive package that comes in a CPG Hotels; the quality of service in one classic hotel is the same because they are run as a single unit. The different locations give their customers freedom of choice.

Hence, CPG Hotel promotions where they recently have drawn their winner of Summer Coming competition, the package can be redeemed in any of the hotels. The promotion is done in a very transparent manner where the winner is emailed, and upon confirmation, the winner's details are written on their social sites walls. All this is done with a superb PR.

An excellent hospitality facility requires this. For instance, CPG Hotels always welcomes their customers to their hotels especially during spring because it welcomes the beginning of picnic period. It does not matter it is just having a quick bite in one of the five cities and locating some grass or whether you are planning for a full-scale picnic lunch; you will have magnificent places your picnic together with your loved one in Auckland.

For instance in case you are a big outdoors fan especially of ornamental and manicured garden, Dunedin is a great site to explore. It does not matter whether it is the main city such as botanic gardens or Chinese Garden or even gardens of locals who are every fascinated by people who visit them. These are the wonderful sights as well as wildlife worth your discovery in Dunedin. The list of services of outdoor fans is just awesome regardless of the taste and preference of the customers.

 Your visit to New Zealand can be for official, family, or personal purposes. In most cases, you tend to wonder whether they have comprehensive hospitality services for each. Do not worry.  They have an array of services even for the newly wedded that are looking for a place to celebrate their honeymoon. Know more about hotel wellington.

Every CPG Hotel dish is prepared by qualified chefs. In fact, it does not matter your culture; they have a variety of dishes for any of their customers.